Interview with Kevin Shone from Shoneswood

Really exited doing this interview with you man, thanks lot! You’re known as dude who making pedals from skateboard, how you start it all? I skate back then and just quit after I worry if I broke my hand I cannot play guitar again,hahahaha…

I’ve played music all my life. When I got into woodworking, I first started making beard combs from old skateboard decks. One of my followers on Instagram, who is now a good friend, asked me if I’d make him a pedal enclosure for a pedal he was working on. From there, I did a collaboration with Jordan at PineBoxCustoms which led to being taught how to solder a circuit by Kevin at SoundSlicefx, followed by Jordan gifting me the OD circuit the “Grub Drive”. Those opportunities allowed me to maintain originality and not just pump out clones.

The problem when making pedal with non-metal enclosure is grounding, how you resolve those problem?

Grounding the pedals is very easy! Just like the control cavity of a guitar, it’s simply either taped off with shield tape, or with shielding paint.

 I saw your video Instagram, you are using Ibanez guitar, JEM right?? What do you like about that guitar? You know I’m not shredder type guitar player but I want to get one of Ibanez RG.

So, I do currently use an Ibanez Jem, as well as a few fender guitars. The Jem is just a great quality guitar, playing amazingly and has my all time favourite trem system!

Are you making guitar amp? Or that is amp top pedal? Any plan for making full stack amp made from skateboard?

I don’t make any amps nor do I plan to. I have made large amptop pedals and I’m always happy to collaborate with other builders!

Are you playing in a band? And who is your guitar hero?

My last band was 8 years ago. After that I did 3 years of acoustic shows randomly but, I’ve hung up my live music hat.

 And as far as a guitar hero with so many to look up to, I’ll just name the one who’s inspired me the most. Not because of his style, which I don’t play, but because his music has kept me picking up the guitar for the last 35 years, and that man is the one and only Joe Satriani!