Interview with Dan Adamson from BLAMMMO Electronics

Hey buddy lets talk about FUZZ! You know what, your Fuzz Detonators is soo good,hahahaha..tell me about that pedal?

First off, let me say thank you for doing these interviews and making rad pedals! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Moisture Fuzz.

So the Fuzz Detonator….let’s talk! 

I wanted a pedal with classic fuzz sounds that could also make wild explody sounds quickly without bending over at the pedal controls to twist knobs. The Fuzz Detonator does this perfectly by utilizing an original circuit controlled by a momentary or latching feedback footswitch. It hijacks your guitar controls and turns them into antagonizers.  Basically, tap or hold the feedback switch, twist the guitar knobs and / or play the strings, and get feedbacky white washes that are 50% unpredictable. It sounds like Wile E. Coyote finally blowing up that pesky roadrunner.

Circuit wise, it’s pretty damn original. Inspired by the silicon Fuzzrite but definitely not a clone of it.

I saw on your instagram page, you also building pedal clone, what is your favourite?

Favorite clone?  That’ll probably change but right now it’s the Colorsound Power Boost. Great circuit.

I mainly build clones for research purposes. It’s easier to create something unique if you know whats already been played out and just breadboarding a circuit won’t take you far enough.

Germanium Fuzz or Silicon Fuzz? Why?

Shoot. Both. Not really sure why…..official answer; because they sound different? I’m not really a pedal hater. Most of the time I just play to the sound it’s giving me rather than scrolling through my bank of licks and trying to decide if it’s good or not. Hell, I’m building a graphic fuzz right now cause it’s such a strange, wonky whistler of a pedal. Give that to someone who strictly plays blues and they’d lose their lunch. Fast.

What is the best fuzz pedal for punk rock music?

Oh man…I’m not really an authority on that but my gut says “the strangest most tacky one you can find.” Something Stevie Ray Vaughan wouldn’t use is a good place to start.

What is your favourite underrated fuzz pedal? Or who is your favourite new comer fuzz pedal builder?

Good Lorde these a tough questions! Hard hitting journalism right here, haha….dang that’s a head scratcher. Let me see…..Honestly, it’s the Fuzz Detonator for me. I know it’s lame to say “my pedal” is my favorite but no one really knows about it, and I designed it specifically for myself. I really like it. The Colorsound Tonebender mkii or the John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine mki are fantastic but they’re both so well known I can’t choose either of them. Plus, they don’t have an oh shit/no-no button.

My favorite builders are the ones with dirty hands and clean workbenches, but I’ve never met a fuzz pedal I didn’t like.