Interview with Nick from Dirty Haggard Audio

Hell yeahh maann! Nice talk to youu.  I wanna say that your artwork is one of the best pedal artwork, just like artwork from hardcore punk dead beat artwork, so cool! Are you making your artwork by yourself?

Thanks! I really love the artwork too! I don’t have the required skills to make the art, so I hired a local artist named Simon Sotelo ( to do that for me. I give her a small amount of guidance as to what I’m looking for & she always comes up with something 10x better than I had imagined.

Your Demonic Percolator is most distinctive percolator I ever heard man, its gated and nasty, it’s based on harmonic percolator of different circuit?

The Demonic Percolator is indeed based on several of the schematics I was able to find for the ‘original’ Harmonic Percolator (though with all the discrepancies in each, I’m not sure how accurate any of them are), but it also includes a modified version of the Big Muff tone stack. I also added a clean-boost at the front end & output of the pedal to make it extra distorted and loud. I’m also REALLY into low noise-floors, so I had to add the noise gating!

Your pedal is “brooootaal fuzz pedal”, any plan making most brutal and distinctive distortion pedal? I believe you’re going to be great, but please don’t build HM2, so many builder doing that, boring,hahahaha

I have indeed been thinking about doing a distortion pedal. I’m waiting for a bit of inspiration to come to me before I start designing something. I agree that a lot of designs are being overdone (Another reason I wanted my Percolator to offer something I haven’t seen anyone else do). But I’m not sure what to do with a distortion pedal that will set it apart from others yet.

I saw your post, your pedal is all back, any plan making pink pedal? Pink is new black,hahaha…maybe will represent new you after quarantine? Haaahahhha

YES! I REALLY wanna make my DH-2/DeathFuzz in a pink sparkle enclosure with black artwork. I think that would be fucking rad! It’ll probably happen one of these days…

Last, I really wanna know your band and what kind of music you lay man, I think we have same music preference,ahahaha tell mee mre and moree and lots,ahhaha…

My band(s): Currently, I’m playing bass in a doom-style band called Beast Mountain ( I just joined a few months ago & it’s been super fun! I also do a couple industrial-metal/experimental solo projects once in a while called ‘Nick Haggard’ ( and ‘Azadirachtin’ (

Fun fact: The album art for the Nick Haggard album is a spectrogram of one of the songs, and the art for the Azadirachtin album was made by cutting up & shaping bass strings with pliers (with digital editing afterward)

I’m really influenced by bands like Bile, Nine Inch Nails, Dog Fashion Disco, Mr. Bungle, The Faint, etc. I love experimental & harsh sounding music, punk rock, electronic, black metal, Balkan hip-hop, etc.

Really appreciate the interest!