Interview with Julian Mendor from Medormps

Jules, how is Japan Tour? Your solo project Longhours is awesome and I am Duckeye is awesome band. Tell me about your music and how you start build pedals

hello Putro! The tour went really well, considering the global circumstance! I had people getting in contact with me all over the world saying I must be the last band on the planet still on tour! Ha! LONG HOURS is my solo project, very lofi, nowave style post punk.  I AM DUCKEYE is more towards fast dissonant sludge. We call it Scrap Metal!

I started building & modding pedals about 6 years ago. It just became a bit of an obsession.

Hurts Circuit is great, tell me more about that, your own circuit?

The Hurt Circuit is based on the mosrite silicon fuzzrite.

Whats on your touring pedalboard? Any tips for touring musician?

For the recent LONG HOURS  japan tour, just to keep it compact, I had a boss tuner, hot cake & MI crunch Box, boss RV-3 and a boss RC-3. For Duckeye, I use a  Denio metal rocker, basically a boss hm2 clone and a hurt circuit.

You also making mod for some pedals, what is your favourite pedal to mod?

Modding is where I started & still get a majority of my work. I enjoy modding most boss pedals and anything that’s not surface mount!

What is the best bass distortion pedal in your opinion?

Thats a hard one because I mainly use guitar pedals for bass drive & distortion. Honestly I’m going to have to go with my modded FUZZZONE. I modified specifically to use for bass in Duckeye. But Ofcourse so many of the classic distortions out there work well on bass.