Blown Face Compact OC75


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Blownface is now available in a compact format! Without sacrificing what’s present in the standard version, which indeed takes up a lot of space on the pedalboard in terms of size. Despite coming in a much smaller format, we still retain vintage aspects such as: -NOS Film/Electrolytic Capacitors. -NOS Carbon Composite/Film Resistors. -NOS Germanium/Silicon Transistors.

The available control knobs are exactly the same as the Blownface Standard: -Volume: Controls how loud the sound output is. -Fuzz: Adjusts the gain/intensity of the fuzz tone. -Bias: For fine-tuning the characteristics of the produced fuzz sound.

The difference between Blownface Compact and Blownface Standard lies in the available switch, where the standard version has a toggle switch to choose between Fuzzface or Tone Bender MKII mode, while in the compact version, this switch is in the form of a footswitch, making it easier for users to switch presets between Fuzzface and MKII – quite interesting, isn’t it?

Furthermore, in this edition, we present a hybrid concept between germanium and silicon transistors. The transistors used are NOS TI BC183L & Valvo OC139, where BC183L is employed for the Fuzz Face circuit, while OC139 is used for the Tone Bender MKII mode.

Dig it!!