Telepunk Fuzz Painted

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Did you ever heard lo-fi broken radio annonucer who read top 10 songs but suddenly his voice got interupted by unknown weird signal which probably comes from another galaxy or secret military experiment?  How about those odd situation becoming present on your gigs, live streaming or even recording session, sounds cool right?  This pedal is actually our Moisture Fuzz combined with another circuit; Punk Console-ish modulator and Mic preamp input which is mixed together into fuzz circuit, so actually there are 3 circuits in those old late 70’s Japanese Wall Phone Intercom enclosure that makes this pedal so called “Telepunk Fuzz”.

There are 6 knobs, 2 togle switches & 3 1/4″ Jack that makes this pedal even more weird steam punk looking.

-Volume : Well, you know excatly what it is right?

-Wave : A sine wave tone oscilators that constantly turned on when the knob is above zero, you can fine tune the the freq tone with this knob.

-Rate : Controls the punk console’s speed.

-Color : Controls The punk console and fuzz circuit so they can interacts depends on your tweak.

-Mic Level : Same as the volume, but this is only affecting the mic input jack.

-Depth : Controls the compression of the fuzz, turn this fully clockwise then the fuzz will be gated.

-Attack : Toggles between gain mode of the fuzz.

-Liquid : Add more low end so the fuzz will be looser and bloom.